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              India has rich and varied culinary traditions. Whilst some are enmeshed with religious and spiritual traditions, others arrived throughout India's long history with those who wandered into the land from afar and settled here, as well as with those who invaded its territories. Still others have been shaped by the natural forces of climate and geography.

To begin with, let’s shatter some illusions about Indian food.

First of all, there is no such thing as 'Indian' food. Each of the regions in India is poles apart in culinary styles and therefore it is impossible to bunch the varied foods of all these regions under an umbrella term of 'Indian' food.

Secondly, it is not always hot. Though most Indian cooking calls for the use of chillies of some kind – dry red chillies, fresh green chillies, red chilli powder; however, each type of chilli has a different potency and heat. And Indians use it sparingly or generously as per their taste.

And finally, there is no such thing as 'curry'. Curry is actually an English concoction passionately embraced by several parts of the world without realizing that a single dish does not make a curry. The term ‘kari’ probably comes from 15th century Tamil literature which means sauce or gravy. There are thousands of gravies or 'kari' in Indian cuisine and they form the base of a large number of dishes.
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Cuisine Tours With Us

Due to the vastness of its territory and diverse ethnic groups, India is blessed with an extremely large repertoire of cuisines - from juicy tender kebabs of the Mughalai cuisine of the North to the exotic Moppilah cuisine of Tellicherry in South, from tangy macher-jhol of West Bengal in the East to the spicy Malvani cuisine of Maharashtra in the West. From immeasurable variety of ingredients and methods of preparation to varied cooking practices, food aficionados have limitless options to explore in India.

Tell us what interests you and what your taste buds like and we will design a cuisine experience just for you. We draw from our intimate knowledge of Indian cuisines, regions and cultures and we know some of the most authentic cuisine practitioners and outlets to take you to. Our tours are not just about food, they connect you with the people, places and stories behind the food.

Sample Itinerary: Taste of India
  • Explore the capital Delhi and sample the Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine and Punjabi delicacies
  • Take a train to Lucknow and sample the mouth-watering Awadhi cuisine with its juicy tender meat kebabs
  • Fly to Kolkata for its rich Bengali cuisine
  • Fly to Chennai for its characteristic South Indian cuisine
  • Travel to Chettinad and sample spicy Chettinad cuisine that has transcended the boundaries of region to carve a worldwide following
  • Drive to Thekkady and explore verdant spice plantations and sample Syrian Christian cuisine of Kerala
  • Spend a night in a Houseboat and cruise along the backwaters of Kerala to explore the small, quaint villages, some of which are completely isolated
  • Continue to the port town of Cochin
  • Drive to Tellicherry, the hub of traditional North Kerala cuisine called Mopillah where the celebrated chef Ms. Faiza Moosa teaches and serves mouth-watering delicacies
  • Fly to Mumbai to sample some of the regions’ best seafood specialities

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