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              Painting is one of the most delicate forms of art, giving expression to human thoughts and feelings through the media of line and colour. Quite obviously, like most of the ancient worlds, in India too, the paintings first started on the rocks of the caves. As the civilization progressed, paintings moved to the walls of the buildings and finally to hand-held surfaces.

Wall Painting:
Indian painting traces its roots to pre-historic times with cave paintings and rock art. The earliest examples of Indian paintings, that we find evidence of, are on the walls of some of the caves in the hills and mountains scattered throughout the country – Himalayan Foothills in North India, Kaimur Range in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Vindhya Hills in Central India, Chhota Nagpur plateau in central-eastern India, the Edakkal Caves in Kerala, Unakoti in Tripura and Usgalimal in Goa.
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Painting Tours With Us

Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from ancient civilizations to the present day. Each style of painting, whether it is miniature, glass, Warli, murals or Madhubani, has a distinct character of its own and provides an insight into the intellectual and cultural sensibilities of the people who paint them. While murals are huge works executed on walls, miniatures are executed on a small scale on perishable materials, and while Warli paintings illustrate simplicity Tanjore paintings depict richness.

Explore traditional Indian paintings with us and we would take you to some of the priceless collections of Indian rajas and maharajas in their forts and palaces. You may choose to follow a particular style of painting or survey the best that India has to offer. You may also participate in painting workshops, organized upon request, to learn a range of skills directly from the painters.

Sample Itinerary: Strokes of Time
  • Explore Delhi that boasts a rich cultural heritage and the leading Art Museum
  • Drive to Shekhawati for its painted havelis giving it the distinction of being the ‘Open Art Gallery’
  • Drive to Kishangarh, a sleepy former princely state that nurtured one of the finest schools of miniature paintings in India
  • Drive to Bundi and Kota, both famous schools of miniature painting
  • Travel to the historic city of Udaipur whose museum houses one of the finest collections of Rajput miniature paintings from the days of the royalty
  • Fly to Aurangabad, a town seeped in medieval history, and visit World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora
  • Fly to the southern port town of Cochin to study the famed Kerala Murals and paintings

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