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Special Interest Holidays
With Story of India

India is as diverse as any ‘land mass’ can be — it is a miniature world, a complete planet by itself. It is often referred to as a 'museum of anthropology', a ‘laboratory of living cultures’ and an ‘open air museum of artefacts’.

Over 5000 years old civilization and 3500 years of uninterrupted history; here many civilizations flourished, kingdoms rose and fell — leaving behind an array of splendid historic attractions, deserted monuments, battle-scarred forts and exquisite temples.

There is stunning diversity of religions, ethnicities, peoples and cultures and the towns are cornucopia of images - ancient structures, vibrant markets, colourful people, multi-cultural mix of mosques and temples. And born out of these complex interactions between different races and cultures over several thousand years are rich and varied traditions of music and dance, textiles, arts and crafts, paintings and cuisines.

Interesting travels can be built around India’s vast and diverse heritage — studying, exploring and discovering it as it unfolded through the history.

Story of India prides itself in providing well-researched, meticulously-planned, and scholar led special-interest holidays that stimulate and enlighten and not just inform.

Experience India, and not just visit…with Story of India.

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